The Largest Collection of UFO and UFO-related Links

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KeelyNetA collection of papers and files from the original BBS
Good UFO SiteNice documents and UFO pictures
Yahoo - UFO Informationgreat site with links, book catalogues, articles and a lot of other stuff
Hastings UFO SocietyText, audio and graphic files
Smitty's UFO PageUFOs and Area 51 subjects
Bluebook Unexplained Casesa review of P.B.B. cases by Don Berliner
UFO Home PageThe site includes a comprehensive UFO guide about the phenomenon
Nexus UFO Bibliographyan excellent large annotated selection of UFO books
UFO directoryArticles and Links
FAQ ALT.ALIEN.VISITORSFAQ about ufology general topics: large document for beginners and not only
Crop Circle ConnectorThe best site devoted to Crop Circles
Bibliography on Crop Circles
List of UFO Internet SitesActually a copy of documents from other UFO WWW sites
UFOs in the '90sNew Age site run by channeller J.Shapiro: section about ET UFOs and Roswell
The Desert Rat Area 51Groom Lake Desert Rat Newsletter and The Paranoid News
Operation Right To Know
Alberta UFO research groupInteractive mag about Canadian and International Ufology, a sighting report form, pictures, newsclippings text
Laurent's Flying Diskselectromagnetic theories to explain UFOs
PI UFO Pagevarious files from a site for ... detectives and security people !
Aliens & ConspiraciesAliens, Roswell Autopsy, Aliens on the Moon and much more !
UFOs and the New Physicsinterview with J.Sarfatti about the real physics of UFOs
Josh's UFO Pagefiles and links to other sites
Chris's UFO PageRoswell pictures, papers
UFO Sitelinks to other UFO WWW sites
UFO and Alien Imagesthe usual UFO pictures taken from well-known literature
Skeptical Ufologysummaries of UFO skeptical/critical books
"ET Phone-Home" Pagecontactees and ET-oriented movement
Planet Iinternet UFOlinks and articles in Scandinavian language
School of Exo-Science and Alien Studiesmostly a site devoted to SETI and exobiology
The Roswell Footage Sitethe "official" site of the footage, with a critical look at the whole affair
UFO Research of Manitobasightings, case histories, links to other sites
UFO Graphixonly usual images of Roswell, Gulf Breeze, etc ...
World Wide Times UFO Groupan ongoing news mag dealing with information on alien's and UFO sightings
Massachusett UFO Report Siteinteresting local sightings and generic stuff
Kooks Museumconspiracies and - few- UFOs
Light is Informationsee also page enmar.html for Department of Interplanetary Affairs
Galactic Central
Zeta TalkConspiracies, Aliens from Zeta Reticuli, Ancient Astronauts and last but not least Channelling
Keogan's UFO and Paranormal Page
UFO BooksLarge commented bibliography of UFO books
Keelynet UFO Filesplenty of files about UFOs from the Keelynet BBS
CB1 Roswell Resource CenterPictures taken from the infamous "Roswell autopsy"
Roswell Footage Stillsstill pictures from the footage and comments: see also jroswell.html
The Roswell casea comprehensive collection of material about the Roswell affair
IUFOG Sitethe site of the Internet UFO Group, an association of UFO buffs born just on the Net !
FAQ of Alt.Alien.VisitorsFrequently Asked Questions of that UFO Newsgroup
Steve Wingate's Siteseveral very interesting papers, plus links to other sites and lot of stuff about Moon/Mars artifacts
Rutgers siteGood site
S.Friedman's SiteWell-known researcher Friedman receives and comment UFO reports from anybody on the Net, including a monthly report
The Extraterrestrial Biological Entity PageAliens among us ? Check it here ! See also page ebe.html
TUFOP SiteAliens, abductions, Area 51 and the 'Face on Mars', that is ... everything !
ISCNI News Siteclose encounters, aliens and angels discussions
MUFON SiteThe Mutual UFO Network just on the Web
South Carolina MUFON
Colorado MUFON
New Hampshire MUFON
Minnesota MUFON
Georgia MUFONSightings forms, events, skywatches, group structure and Links, of course
The Unofficial MUFON-Ohio Home PageMUFON documents from the Ohio state section
MUFON Ontario PagePage of the Ontario MUFON Section with local and international info
UFO Library MagazineSource for information on the extraterrestrial activity of our planet, plenty of articles
Jacques ValleeAn exclusive interview with pioneering UFO researcher Jacques Vallee
Channel Z: The Z-FilesUFO/Paranormal Phenomena In Colorado
Lightnet UFO Information ViennaInfo about UFO sightings in Europe and Austria, plus UFO-Hotlink list
Danno's UFO PageSome information on UFO films and TV shows
UFO Links [io.com] Quite large page of UFO Links
UFO FilesGood UFO site with plenty of files
The WayA book about Alien Visitors
UFO InfoMirror site of Yahoo UFO WWW
Wally World UFO PageNews, files, links and personal sightings, including UFO photo gallery
Aliens, Aliens, AliensAliens and conspiracies
Alien Page of C.C.C.C.C.Space, Star Trek and Aliens: Roswell and pictures
Deb's UFO Research Information ClearinghouseA site of personal experiences from an abductee, including conferences and B.Hopkins papers
Fleetwood ProjectGeneral UFO information
Measuring StickQuestions about UFOs and alien contacts ?
National UFO Reporting CenterOn line sightings reports
UFO Links [basenet.net]A silly-looking site with links to other UFO sites
UFO Logos Way StationUFOs, MIBs and more
UFO Researchers, Witnesses and Skepticspeople in the UFO field, with files or links to them: great !
UFO The Pleiades Projectbooks, tapes and photos about UFOs, with a Meier flavour
UFOs and Extra-Terrestrialssightings, usual pictures and links to other sites
Wayne's UFO Info PageUFO secrecy from the US government and other stuff
Wibble's UFO Pagea good site with mini FAQ about UFOs, CE documents, groups, documents
Peter Geyer's UFO Hot Pagelinks to the "best UFO sites", Area51 documents, crop circles
MJ4's PageArea 51 and UFO documents plus links to other sites
Mr. GoodBytes's Pagesome info about the famous Area 51 and WWW links
Saucer Smearthe old mag run by Jim Moseley now on the Net ! Funny and interesting !
Ppoia UFO SectionUFOs and Aliens
Yellow Pages - UFOgeneric info about UFOs
Dave Gawlik's Page a page about ... Roswell !
Top 5% Rated UFO best UFO sites on the Net, including ratings and chance to submit your own review !
Aix UFO Bbs UFO and X-Files with pictures and documents
The Fringes of ReasonUFOs and New Age subjects, as well as sceptics
Information on the IRC #UFO channela channel to have chat with other UFO buffs on the Net
The Gifta book about Crop Circles and their meaning
Behind the Alien Autopsya sceptical view at the Roswell footage
StargateProjectthe site of Stargate International, having Robert Dean as one of the promoters
Jim Nichols's PageUFO artworks and designs by an artist having worked with Wendelle C. Stevens
UFO's , Aliens and the X-Files what a combinationLinks to other sites and ... a few things more
Dean Miller's UFO ArchiveCentral London UFO Sighting page with AVI files about Area51 and other stuff
UFO BelieversAbductions and secret files discussed by true UFO believers, see also EBE page
UFO PageLinks to different sites
Alien Lights: Are UFOs from our Earth ?Greg Long about his Earth lights theory: access to his publications
Deb's UFO Pagebooks, merchandise and ... UFO sightings
UFO PhenomenaThe UFO Phenomena And Its Spiritual Background
Internet UFO Group - HyperlinksLarge collection of UFO sites
UFO Study GroupsUFO neswletter, news and ... T-Shirts ! Plus video footage from a live Alien in Mexico !??!
UFOIA Homepagesite of UFO Investigation Agency, a group very active on the Net
Skywatch InternationalSite managed by USAF retired colonel Steve Wilson with Roswell, pictures and MJ-12, plus Skywatch I. Project
UFO INFOInternational list of groups, magazines and other stuff
Roswell CaseAnother "Official" Roswell Web page
ParaNet Information ServicesThe site of Paranet Organization: really worth a visit
MICAPThe Multinational Investigations Cooperative on Aerial Phenomena, directly connected to Paranet
UFO Books and VideosTens of UFO books with related references, summary and ... price !
UFO's: A Closer LookSightings, FOIA Documents and material from the Seattle-based BBS Computer UFO Network
IRI SiteInternational Roswell Initiative site, managed by Kent Jeffrey: documents and links
Abductees AnonymousA website devoted exclusively to experiencers of the UFO abduction phenomena: several articles
UFO FolklorePlenty of text documents on general subjects of the UFO question
EBE Image Page??????
GuardianImages, book reviews, articles, bibliographies and links
SOS OVNIs QuebesUFO magazines, archives, UMMO affair and other stuff from the States
Secret Study at Pacific HarborWriter G.Long offers text about K.Arnold 1947 sighting, UFOs and other subjects
UFONews World ReportIt seems you need 19.95 US $ to have a full year of access to this site !
UFONews World Report
X-Files/UFO HomepageX Files site with a section devoted to UFOs
Dwood's UFO Pageimages, articles, links on UFOs, Ancient Astronauts and even astral projections
Contact ForumBi-monthly publication about people experiencing or studying ET contacts
San Diego UFO SocietyThe WWW site of the group, including activity goals and a survey on visitors
UFO EXPO WestPresentation of mega-conference UFO Expo West, including summary of papers
R.Henerey's UFO PageA lot of stuff about UFOs, martian monuments, alien autopsy, mostly as links to other sites
Dragonbane's HomepageLinks, UFO groups, newsgroups, UFO books and text files
UFOAZ Talks LiveTelevision show's video catalog, Tee-shirts .. .and more. Links to other UFO and related sites
The AnomalistMagazine about anomalies, including UFOs, co-edited by Dennis Stacy and Patrick Huyghe
Solar Corona PhenomenaPictures of anomalous aerial phenomena, plus UFO links
UFO Abductee Probability MeasurementSomebody say 1 in 40 have been abducted: beware the aliens ! Almost none remember
The Alien PresenceA Caribbean UFO Site full of material and quotes from popular UFO books
The Lava Zone A forum for sharing stories about unusual and unexplainable events and experiences
UFO!Information, links and pictures. Includes news about a Mexican alleged crash
Galactic Chat RoomChat with other UFO watchers!
Area 51 - Groom Lake MysteryAn alternative view at the controversial subject
UFOs and Moon/Mars AnomaliesAstronauts UFO sightings, Moon/Mars surface anomalies, etc ....
Internet UFO Skeptics Main page for a network of web pages examining ufology and UFO phenomena from a skeptic viewpoint
The Canadian Ufologist Recent news, links and local newsletter, including past issues
UFO Landing Site
Aliens, Aliens, Aliens
UFO Intelligence Data BaseImages and plenty of old UFO text files taken from a BBS
Derek's starting ufo page
Alien mutilation and UFOs
HyperWeb UFO pageLinks to other UFO sites
Paynter UFO FAQA site with Frequently Asked Questions about UFOs, under an interesting skeptical-like perspective
UFO library catalog
UFO Info and other linksLinks and various stuff
UFO Central
UFO / Extraterrestrial / Paranormal InfoGraphics and UFO links
UFO Resources
They are Among Us...Pictures, links, files, reports, definition, Roswell autopsy and other stuff
Olson's UFO PageLinks and articles, including one stating ... Phil Klass doesn't exist !
Operation Right to KnowOperation Right to Know is to ufology what Greenpeace is to the environmental movement
MIE: Links to UFO TheoryCommon links to UFO Theory
Jabba's Domain UFO Archive
UFO Links UFO LINKS. Art Bell Home Page
Alien & UFO Photos Album Alien & UFO Photos Album. UFO
The Fleetwood Project
UFO's and the PARANORMALLinks, articles and newsletter files
Crop Circle Central
Alien BobAliens are on the Web, well according to Bob
Hangar 18Roswell group offers articles, pictures and video-clips about Roswell case and related "autopsy footage"
Mini UFO-FAQ The Land of Enchantement: UFO links with icons
TST Audio On-DemandYour CyberVoice for Choice, with UFO related material available
IUFOG New address
John's UFO and Conspiracy PageCommercial and research links
Scott's UFO PagePersonal UFO experience plus links
Index - StarBase 101Links to science-fiction series WWW pages, as well as UFO-related sites
UFO Graphics ...... Text and FTP sites: links plus articles and photos that may be ordered on diskettes
Erics Links to UFOsAgain UFO Links ....
UFO Report Form
OUT THERE: UFO's & Alien Contacts!Huge links list
North Alabama MUFONMUFON documents, links, symposiums calendar, sightings form, articles
Paul's UFO Page Lots of hot UFO links and more, including Roswell footage photos
Warlock's UFO Links
Roswell, New Mexico UFO Page
UFO Books
Patch's UFO PageLinks and articles
UFO Files and Links
Cyberdelic UFO Landing PadLinks, newsgroups and chat about UFOs
Ken's UFO PageLinks to UFO sites
UFO Project
Unidentified Flying Objects - Pictures and StoriesImages, articles, cinema and UFOs, plus some links
Do UFO's Exist?
UFO Phenomena in the NWTSightings and reports from the Nort West Territories. Includes The Swamp Gas Journal
Again UFO Links
UFO InformationA generous quantity of UFO links organized in categories
The Ufological SpectatorRoswell, articles and links
Skeptical Resources on UFOsSite managed by UFO smart skeptic Robert Sheaffer: interesting articles
Gallery of UFO photosA gallery of 22 pictures taken by a Dr. Bruce Cornet
Crop Watcher MagazineThe e-zine about crop circles is hosted by the IUFOG group
Alien Hunter Home Page
A Friend in SpiritThe One-Stop Web Site for all Amateur & Serious UFOLOGISTS
Aliens and UFOs
UFO Sightings by Astronauts
Extra-Terrestrials On The Planet Earth
Cosmic ConspiraciesPlenty of conspiracies, including MJ-12 and HAARP
CUFOSThe site of the Center for UFO Studies, with abductions, Roswell, IUR, links and books
Alien Magic
Hav a CigarHuge list of UFO Links
Quebec InsoliteAnomalous phenomena in Quebec, including UFOs and Bigfoot
The Leading EdgeGreat-looking site with plenty of conspiracy and UFO stuff, including large links section
Contact PagePost your UFO experiences, anonimously ! Find also pics, documents and links
The Angelic Conspiracy Alternative religion-oriented view on UFOs and aliens
You will believe !Not too much about aliens and conspiracies
Billy Meier's ChroniclesReprinted from the book "UFO ... Contact From the Pleiades": pro-Meier text
Billy Meiere and SemjaseBilly Meier Conversation with astronaut Semjase: far from ufology , next to religion
UFO's and our Alien BrotherhoodText documents, pictures, links
G-Money's UFO Image Showroom
Craig Becker's ArchivesClaims helpful hints for UFO contactees
More UFO FAQAnother 150K UFO FAQ about projects, aliens, theories, polemics, etc ...
The Billy Meier StoryThe story of the famous Swiss contactee, under a believer point of view
Unusual ResearchAbductions, crop circles, sightings, MidOhio research group, pictures and links
Terra Nova
Northern Ontario UFO Site
Cosmic ConnectionsWeb Conferencing System devoted to UFOs and other fringe topics
Mike's UFO ConnectionSome usual UFO stuff, but also documents about Ancient Astronauts
UFO PicturesUFO photos taken by John Velez
The UFO International Congress
NACOMM- New Age CommunicationsUFO Research with a divine twist!
Travis Walton SiteNoted abductee Travis Walton has his own site too !
Area 51 PicturesPhotographs from the "magic" Area 51
The Varginha caseA page from Brazilian ufologist P.H.Andrade about the famous Varginha case
Anomalous Implant InvestigationPage devoted to Dr. Leir, who has been doing the removals reported by D.Simms
Alien Hunter Homepage ?Alleged alien implants as reported by "aline hunter" Derrel Sims
Miami UFO CenterThe Spanish-language pages of that local group
Millennium Matters UFORMATION PageThe page of UFO Magazine columnist Glen Boyd
Ted's UFO Home PageOriginal articles, jokes, and even poetry all about UFO's, include critical analyses of psychology papers published on UFO's
UFO DetectorClaimed to be a high tech UFO Detector based on Magnetic distortion, a project being a new way of searching for UFO's invisible or not